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Wills, Trusts, Estates

When Mr. Crane used to give seminars on Wills and Estates he would ask the audience a question: “How many of you do not have a Will?”  A portion of the audience would always raise their hand to which Mr. Crane would respond that they were incorrect.  Everyone has a Will.  The question is did you prepare the Will for yourself to meet your needs or did you allow the State Legislature to prepare your Will which is now located in the statutes of New Jersey.   If you were to die without a Will the State will determine how your estate will be distributed.  Often this is not in a manner which would meet with your approval.  It may also harm your loved ones.  If you do not have a Will you should contact Mr. Crane immediately to schedule an appointment to discuss setting up the Will.

Taking care of your children

You should be aware that a trust should be set up for minor children and plans should be made for a trustee and guardian if your children are unfortunately left without parents.  Preparing these items in advance will relieve a lot of the stress that will be created should you pass away without making such plans.  It is also far less expensive to make these arrangements before you die than to put your estate through the arduous process of having to go to court to have an administrator, guardian and trustee appointed.