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"I have a small business and was being sued for over $3 million. I had hired an attorney who was charging me $750 per hour. My neighbor referred me to Mr. Crane. Mr. Crane took my case and charged less than half of what the other attorney was charging. He litigated my case for over 2 years and ultimately had the matter dismissed on the first day of trial. I was extremely pleased with the work he did. He was always available for my phone calls, whether it was after hours at night or on the weekend. I would absolutely refer Mr. Crane to anyone who needs a litigation attorney."

J.T.October 2018

"I own a local business and came to Mr. Crane with about 15 different collection matters against customers who had not paid me. We ended up receiving payment on about 50% of them as several had moved out of state and others could no longer be located. I was very pleased with the results."

T.S.September 2018

"I retained Koerner & Crane to litigate an estate where my cousin who was acting as executor was absconding with the estate’s assets. Mr. Crane was successful in having my cousin removed and I replaced her as the executor. We then went on to resolve the estate. I could not be more grateful for Mr. Crane’s assistance in this matter."

C.T.July 2018

"Koerner & Crane handled 2 real estate transactions for me – a purchase and a sale. Both went smoothly and I would recommend his office in the future."

S.P.April 2018

"I was unfortunately the victim of medical malpractice. Mr. Crane fought a long, hard legal battle upon which we ultimately prevailed by way of settlement, which is confidential, so I am unable to comment on the details. I was very pleased with the way Mr. Crane and his office handled my matter and fought for my rights at every turn, as I am completely disabled as a result of the malpractice."

A.E.April 2018

"Mr. Crane probated my father’s estate which was rather complex because there were a great deal of debts and very little assets. Mr. Crane helped me to navigate through the legal system and had this resolved within six months."

C.W.January 2018

"Mr. Crane represented me for the purchase of a house I was buying. He was recommended by my father. Just as my father had told me, Mr. Crane’s office kept me fully informed as to all aspects of the transaction. I would definitely recommend Koerner & Crane for real estate transactions."

S.M.December 2017

"Koerner & Crane handled a DUI for me. I was facing large penalties and a lengthy loss of license due to extenuating circumstances. Mr. Crane’s office hired the appropriate experts and we were ready to go to trial when the matter resolved. I was very pleased with the way my matter was handled."

M.N.August 2017

"My wife and I recently worked with Mr. Crane on the sale of our home in Hillsborough. The transaction went through very smoothly. We were very pleased with Mr. Crane and his helpful, friendly office staff. We give Koerner & Crane, LLC five stars !!!"

T.H.August 2017

"Koerner & Crane set up 2 LLC’s for me. It was done quickly, professionally and at a reasonable cost."

P.G.June 2017

"Dear Mr. Crane, My wife and I recently hired your law firm for a real estate transaction. Our hopes were for a smooth, stress free closing and you performed in an excellent, professional fashion. Your staff was warm, knowledgeable and always responded immediately to our requests for information. We appreciate the attention to us and your attention to detail that you displayed throughout. Thank you for terrific work from beginning to end of the transaction."

K.A.May 2017

"I was very pleased on how easy Howard and his team made the process for selling my mother's house. Everything went as they had told me and there was minimal effort on my part. The whole team did a great job keeping me updated and making is simple."

S.Z.Mar 2017

"I was very pleased with my experience with Howard Crane. The firm and staff were very kind, understanding and extremely helpful. I really appreciate how you were able to assist me at such short notice. Thank you for your professionalism. I am happy to recommend your services."

B. L.April 2017

"I hired Mr. Crane to handle a breach of contract matter where I was ripped off by an unscrupulous contractor. When we tried to settle, the contractor claimed that he had no money. Mr. Crane filed a lawsuit under the Consumer Fraud Act and ultimately got my money back plus my attorney fees were paid. I was extremely pleased with the work he did and would not hesitate to hire him again."

C.C.February 2017

"We sold a condo in NJ while living if Florida and needed support with the closing. Howard and his staff provided superb service and were friendly, knowledgeable, thorough and extremely responsive to our questions. I would strongly recommend Crane Lawyers without hesitation!"

S.B.November 2016

"My wife and I recently used Mr. Crane to help us purchase a vacation home. He was easy to work with and was sure to explain to us everything we needed to do during the process. He was always available to answer questions and handled the matter quickly and efficiently. We highly recommend Mr. Crane to whomever need a highly competent attorney in regards to any complex real estate matters."

R. H.October 2016

"Mr. Crane has handled 2 workers' compensation matters for me over the past 4 years. The first was relatively straight forward and resolved quickly. The second was a fight all the way. Mr. Crane kept me informed and I attended all of the hearings. I was impressed by how Mr. Crane responded to each attack by the other attorney. We ultimately went to trial and prevailed. I was very pleased."

B.R.October 2015

"I injured my shoulder and knee in a car accident. I learned of Mr. Crane through a friend. He was very professional, kept me informed of the progress of my case and ultimately resolved it for a very favorable amount."

C.C.March 2015

"I was extremely pleased with the service I received from Koerner & Crane. I had a real estate sale where the buyer breached the contract at the last second. Mr. Crane was very knowledgeable in such matters. The matter settled as the result of a motion filed by Mr. Crane just prior to trial. I highly recommend Mr. Crane."

P.D.February 2015

"I typically do not write reviews, but the level of service from Koerner & Crane was exceptional. I was in a car accident where I lost a portion of my foot. I received a settlement of the other driver?s full insurance. I thought it was over when Mr. Crane told me that he was proceeding against my own uninsured coverage. Mr. Crane obtained another substantial settlement through the uninsured motorist coverage. I really do not understand how all of that insurance works, but Mr. Crane clearly had a lot of experience with it and did a great job for me."

D.G.July 2014

"I have been working with Howard Crane from Koerner & Crane for many years now. I have used his help in several kinds of matters, such as real estate, breach of contract, business advice and wills. I found him and his office personnel to be very professional and knowledgeable. I like the fact that he is honest with me about how things can turn out and that his advice has always served me well so far. The office kept me posted on how things are going on matters and anytime I had a question, I was always able to get an answer quickly. I would definitely recommend Koerner & Crane to anyone seeking legal help in matters. They will steer you in the right direction. "

T.B.August 2012

"We wanted to thank you for all your hard work on both our closings this past year. Real Estate transactions can be stressful and complicated. You were a great source of knowledge and guidance and we truly appreciate it. Your diligence and overall responsiveness helped us create a negotiation strategy that I believe was best in class and we felt that you had our family's interest at heart. You're team acted as my attorney when we were both the seller and buyer this past year. In both instances your knowledge of the law, contracts and overall experience provided us with significant comfort that our decisions were sound and most importantly we could reach the closing table with both parties. The bottom line is your team was communicative throughout the entire process and we couldn't have been happier with our results. As you know I have already passed your name onto several friends and would continue to do so. "

T.E.August 2012

"We had the pleasure of using Howard Crane's services for a recent real Estate transaction where we purchased a new construction home. Mr. Crane's expertise in the real estate field, coupled with his tenacity and knowledge of the law made our experience with him a very positive one. He was diligent in working with our mortgage company, as well as the builder of our home, going so far as to discover a discrepancy in the contract which ended up in our favor. He was also instrumental in obtaining a mantle for our fireplace which would not have been included in Mr. Crane hadn't contacted our builder on our behalf. We would whole-heartedly recommend Mr. Crane's legal services to anyone who is looking for an attorney that puts his client's interests first. "

T.I.August 2012

"I was so impressed with the responsiveness and personal attention that Howard Crane devoted to handling my parents' estate, my wife and I have retained Koerner & Crane to prepare our personal wills, trusts and power of attorney documents. In addition, Koerner & Crane has handled a number of real estate closings for my family members and friends, all of which have thanked me for the introduction to the firm and Howard. As a senior executive at a global real estate service firm, recommending attorneys is a daily occurrence. Based on the continued positive feedback, Howard Crane is one of only a handful of attorneys that I am confident in referring my most valued clients. "

P.G.June 2012

"We have been a client of Koerner & Crane for over eight years and consider them a "trusted partner" in our business. They have handled complex banking, real estate construction and sales transactions for our company with insight, knowledge and the highest level of professionalism and service. They know the law and always go that "extra mile" for their clients. We would highly recommend Koerner & Crane to any company or individual looking for good advice and a firm you can trust. "

G.S.June 2012

"About 3 years ago, Mr. Crane represented me in a dog bite matter. The bite was quite severe and I also developed a rash immediately afterwards which caused a horrific itching sensation. It was a very difficult case trying to prove the relationship between the dog bite and the skin disease, as there are very few, if any, diseases which are transmitted from a dog's mouth to a person. Mr. Crane was relentless in finding evidence to prove this case and ultimately we were able to settle this matter for a significant sum just prior to trial. During the entire matter, I found Mr. Crane and his staff to be extremely courteous and very helpful in keeping me advised as to the progress in this matter. "

D.R.March 2012

"Koerner & Crane, LLC has been our family's law firm for many years. They have written our wills, handled the sale of our homes and helped us execute our family estates. We have always been pleased with their honesty, professionalism and dedication, as well as their timely and accurate results, and hope to continue this personal legal relationship in the future."

A.M.January 2012

"I thought a doctor had committed malpractice and called several attorneys who, after explaining my case to them, did not think it was even worth pursuing. Mr. Crane took the time to have me come to his office and obtain all of my medical records from the hospital and doctor and have them reviewed. Ultimately, we found that there was a case which I must say I felt Mr. Crane worked tirelessly on for a number of years before we went to trial. I found him to be a very competent attorney in front of the judge and jury. My case settled on the second day of trial. "

L.D.November 2011

"While trying to sell a house my company had rehabbed, we found that our prior attorney had missed a serious title issue that made our property unmarketable. Mr. Crane filed a legal malpractice case against our prior lawyer and obtained all of our losses back for us, which were in excess of $200,000. I was very pleased with his representation. "

J.K.November 2011

"I wish to thank Koerner & Crane for the wonderful way they handled my medical case. I initially had an attorney from Florida for the same case, but he was unable to do anything for me. I thought I would try Koerner & Crane as one last shot. After a little research on their part, they took my case right away. I was amazed. Mr. Crane worked on my case for a few years, but in the end got results. He was extremely knowledgeable about all issues regarding my case and always kept me updated. If I ever had a question, he would give me an answer the same day. I was very pleased with the way they handled my case and would recommend their firm to anyone who is looking for a good and competent lawyer. Thank you Mr. Crane for all the hard work you did on my case. "

P.K.October 2011

"I was referred to Mr. Crane by my son who had used him for a real estate matter. I had been injured at work just before my retirement. I had been cut off of medical benefits and temporary disability payments. The first thing Mr. Crane was able to do was get further treatment for me and then to get me temporary disability payments. Once I had completed my medical treatment, Mr. Crane fought very hard for me and ultimately obtained a judgment that I was 100% disabled. I found the workers? compensation process to be quite lengthy and frustrating but Mr. Crane certainly helped me through it. "

J.W.October 2011

"I began using Howard Crane as my attorney about 15 years ago. We started with organization of my company into various LLCs. I was a builder at the time. Prior to meeting Mr. Crane, I had used many different attorneys for many different matters. What I learned from using Mr. Crane as my lawyer is that he was much more straight forward and made things as simple as possible. I remember prior to meeting him spending about $25,000 on estate planning issues and when I finally met him some years later, he revised my entire estate plan into a very simple plan for only a few thousand dollars, which is the plan that I use today. I have used him for Municipal Court matters, for Planning Board hearings, for a personal injury case, for my Will, for a prenuptial agreement and have always been very pleased with both the work that he does, the fact that he keeps me well informed of my case, that he has a great knowledge of the law, and that he keeps his fees very reasonable compared to other attorneys in this area. I would highly recommend him for all legal matters. "

K.D.July 2011

"I was involved in a rear end hit accident and hired Koerner & Crane. Mr. Crane handled my case from beginning to end which I liked. Previously I had been in an accident and hired a larger law firm. Every time I contacted the firm, I had to communicate with a different attorney. With the Koerner & Crane firm, I always dealt directly with Mr. Crane. Mr. Crane kept me fully informed of all aspects of the case which we were able to settle before trial. I would definitely recommend his office. "

C.G.July 2011

"Our lawyer Howard Crane has served my family and myself for the last fifteen years in an exemplary manner, Howard and his staff as well as his associates have always responded to our needs and questions in a timely and gracious manner. We would and have recommended his office often to family and friends. "

J.D.August 2010

"I was seriously injured when I fell on ice in my parking lot. My leg was broken in three places and I had a steel rod inserted from my knee to my ankle. While I was looking for attorneys, I interviewed Mr. Crane to see if he would be appropriate to handle this matter. I knew from his reputation in town that he was an ex-Marine and I thought this was a good thing to have in your attorney. I was somewhat let down when I went to his office. His office is kind of funky and initially he did not impress me. However, when we went to court, I noted that he was dressed better than most of the other lawyers, was extremely well prepared and knew the law on every subject. I was very pleased to have him as my attorney and was very satisfied with the outcome of my case "

T.V.March 2010

"I was in a head-on collision and was very seriously injured. I had several surgeries over two years. My insurance carrier denied coverage and would not allow me to have the surgeries I needed. I hired Mr. Crane to assist me both with my PIP claim, as well as my third party claim. I didn't even know these were two separate matters, but the one was an arbitration and the other was a court case. Mr. Crane did a great job for me and I was extremely pleased with the results. If not for his assistance, I would not have been able to get two of the surgeries I needed. "

D.M.January 2010

"I hired Mr. Crane to handle an eviction for me. The eviction process was long and aggravating (through no fault of Mr. Crane), but he clearly knew the law and was instrumental in helping me to get my tenant evicted as quickly as the law would allow. I would not hesitate to recommend him. "

K.W.September 2009