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Family Law NJ

The practice area of family law includes matters involving divorce, child custody, parenting time, child support issues, domestic violence, adoption, non-marital partnerships and other matters involving the family unit.  Collectively, these sub-practice areas comprise a significant portion of New Jersey’s court cases and all are within the province of the Superior Court of New Jersey, Chancery Division, Family Part.

Regardless of what people might say about their own experiences in court regarding family matters, every such matter has a different set of facts and circumstances so results do vary.  Mr. Crane's objective is to consistently provide the client with knowledge of the law,  cost-effective representation, frequent and ongoing communication as the case proceeds, and strong negotiation of the issues so as to obtain a settlement of the issues whenever possible.

The most common type of family law matter is divorce.  Most divorces settle by consent of the parties without having a trial in which a judge decides the issues.  Our courts strongly encourage settlement of divorce matters so as to avoid unnecessary trials.  Although more often than not, all issues in a divorce can be fairly settled, occasionally they cannot, whether it is because the legal issues are complicated, material facts are in dispute or the other side’s position is patently unreasonable.

Mr. Crane objectively provides clients with advice as to when settlement is in the client’s best interests and when a judicial determination may be needed by way of a trial.